They are simplifying the college application process by creating a networking portal that helps students and colleges increase their visibility and opportunities to be seen and searched by one another for the college application process. What makes them unique is they are creating earlier connections leading to possible recruitment and building a community between the students and colleges to ask questions and learn more information about each other. The process begins early to help educate and motivate the students about what colleges can offer and the steps to take to ensure success throughout middle and high school for their college and career paths.


Their mission is to increase the visibility of students to be seen by thousands of colleges and universities earlier in their academic years. They believe preparing earlier for college/career will lead to a more successful future. They want to create a level playing field for everyone regardless of who you are or where you come from, as well as expose more girls to the STEM field. The confusion and complexity has increased dramatically in the college application process. Accepted to School helps guide the students and families through these complexities by providing numerous resources. Students are our future and that is Accepted to School’s focus.


Create a FREE profile that increases your visibility and opportunity for colleges to search, connect and recruit you. Search over 2000 schools. Save and Connect with Admission Professionals. Expand and Enhance your education and stand out among your peers by taking self-paced IT Classes on Accepted to School with Cisco Networking Academy and Code.org.

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ReigningIt is a nonprofit 501(c)(3)