Princeton Global Mentoring Walk

March 31 @ 11:30 am - 2:00 pm

The Global Mentoring Walk is an event coordinated all over the globe by the Vital Voices organization. The Mentoring Walk seeks to pair female high schoolers with leaders in professional fields.

​Date: 3/14/18 3-4pm EST

Topic: "Technology Toolbox for School Counselors"

School counselors are facing an increasing number of responsibilities, and technology can help streamline your practice and fulfill your professional responsibilities more efficiently. Learn how free, fun, and easy-to-use technology tools can help you achieve your professional goals.  Focus on free, simple and fun online tools to connect with other school counselors and grow your toolbox of skills.     

Building the Future Interview with

ReigningIt's Co-founders.


Topic: "Finding the Careers That's Right for You" presented by Saqi Mehta

Date: March 2 3:40-4:00

Location: Harvard University

Computer science is changing everyone’s lives yet few contribute to the technologies and services we all use. Learn about the national Computer Science for All initiative and how school counselors at the vanguard are supporting new courses and viable career pathways so more students get involved in the growing fields of computing.

Link to recorded webinar

Standing Out as a Tech Candidate

​Topic: Standing Out as a Tech Candidate

Date: February, 2018

Location: Tufts University

Guest Moderators: Angela Cleveland, Sean Myers

Topic:  School Counseling in the Digital Era


Date: 12/06/17    Time: 8:30-9:30pm EST

  1. What does being a school counselor in the digital era mean to you?

  2. How have you become a more effective, efficient, or engaging counselor by using technology?

  3. Did you know this week is #CSEdWeek? Are you/Is your school hosting #HourofCode or #FamilyCodeNight?

  4. How have you used technology to address the variety of needs of diverse families & students?

  5. How have you engaged underrepresented groups to explore the value of computer science or technology?

  6. What are some your favorite digital strategies, tech tools, or resources?

Storify of Chat

Event: WIT 2017

Location: Tufts University

CONFERENCE 2017 October 26 - 28

Did you know that over half of school-aged children worldwide who are not being educated are girls? That less than 6% of CEO positions in Fortune 500 companies and less than 25% of Parliamentary and Government positions worldwide are held by women? And did you know that women are still paid less than men, 15-20% less in the US and Europe and more in other developed countries?

It's time to Dream Bigger.


Topic:  How did a school counselor and a recruiter on opposite coasts join forces to create a powerful change agent? ReigningIt is working to close the equity and gender gap and encourage equal access to STEM.

Link to Video Recording of Presentation

Link to Slides from Presentation

Learn about the latest tech tools school counselors are using at the NJSCA Conference!

SparkIT-Hillsborough is a FREE, weeklong summer day camp at the Hillsborough Public Library for 25 girls in grades 6-8. Participants will learn about computer science and electrical engineering through engaging, hands-on activities and presentations. They will also learn how to construct circuits and program Arduino microcontrollers to create light-up greeting cards for hospital patients, a digital piano, their own novel solution to a real-world problem, and more! 

Event: #Satchat

Location: Online - Twitter
Date: September 2, 2017 @7:30am EST and again PST

ReigningIt co-moderate #SatChat, a weekly 1 hour global Twitter discussion for current + emerging school leaders. The theme will be "From Blackboard to Boardroom: Room 2 Learn, Room 2 Thrive"

Location: Tattes Bakery and Cafe 318 Third St, Cambridge, MA 02142

Date: 11am brunch on Sunday, August 6, 2017


Highlights: ReigningIt co-founder Saqi Mehta gave pointers from a recruiting point of view.​

Counselors for Computing provides school counselors with information and resources they can use to guide students’ exploration of computer science and allied careers. This CSPdWeek offering is for 8-12th grade counselors.

Momentum for computer science education is growing, fast! Everyone from your students’ parents, to the president, to captains of industry are encouraging schools to prepare more –and more kinds of– students for careers in computing. New courses are making their way into US schools and in more than half the states, they count as math or science credit toward graduation. Counselors for Computing will bring you up to speed!

School counselors are facing an increasing number of responsibilities, and technology can help streamline your practice and fulfill your professional responsibilities more efficiently.

Learn how TwitterPinterestDoodleYouCanBookMePowtoon and more can help you achieve your professional goals. Focus on free, simple and fun online tools to connect with other school counselors and grow your toolbox of skills.

List of Angela's presentations and copies of slides.

The goals of the workshop are to share strategies, research-based practices, and field-tested good ideas for teaching computer science in a way that reaches all students regardless of sex or ethnicity. 

Technology Toolbox for School Counselors

Careers with Code

Emerging Careers in Computer Science

Computer science is changing everyone’s lives yet few contribute to the technologies and services we all rely upon. Learn how the national Computer Science for All initiative is changing the face of computing, and how counselors at the vanguard are supporting student participation in new courses that lead to viable careers in the growing fields of computing.

A weekend dedicated to filling the gender gap, exploring technology, and building the next big thing.

Support and nurture women in tech with Southern California’s premiere all female hackathon.

Workshops, Mentorship, Tech Talks, and more! 

Aspirations in Computing is a talent development initiative designed to increase female participation in technology careers by providing encouragement, visibility, community, leadership opportunities, scholarships, and internships to aspiring technically inclined young women. Since 2007, NCWIT has inducted more than 2,500 young women into the Aspirations in Computing community and is helping to usher these women into technology careers.

The NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing offers both a national and local affiliate competitions to generate support and visibility for women's participation in communities nationwide. For information on the national program please visit

Careers with Code and NCWIT Award Opportunities

How can we engage the next generation to see how computer science can help young people create a dream career in any vertical, be it health, sports, business, fashion, food, virtual reality and/or other exciting industries?

NCWIT Aspirations in Computing (AiC) programs provide a long-term community for female technologists, from K-12 through higher education and beyond, encouraging persistence in computing through continuous engagement and ongoing encouragement at each pivotal stage of their educational and professional development.  When you connect young women to Aspirations programs you help to equip and inspire them to become the technology innovators this world needs.

Careers with Code is a magazine and online resource for anyone interested in future careers that mix computer science with their skills, interests and passion – giving you the skills to change the world! It’s produced by Refraction Media in partnership with Google, is free to download and updated each year.

The country's most focused summit on supporting women and minority-run 
businesses by facilitating connections to investment capital and opportunity

Event: She Started It Documentary Screening

Location: Harvard University
Date: February 4, 2017 @8pm

ReigningIt CoFounders Angela Cleveland + Saqi Mehta will host a screening of this documentary followed by a Q&A with film directors Nora Poggi + Insiyah Saeed. We will be live tweeting during the event from @ReigningIt with #RIshestartedit

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