I recently discovered ReigningIt and I am amazed by the strong and close-knit community that we have formed. As a university student, it feels great to be welcome amongst such talented, passionate and motivated young women. It is so inspiring to hear the amazing and heartwarming stories of these women and I can't wait to see where each of them achieve.

Mitali Palekar // @mitalipalekar

Being a part of the ReigningIt community has been a complete honor and pleasure. It has connected to a large support system and introduced me to other amazingly strong and fierce women in tech. Getting to know the co-founders, Angela and Saqi, because of ReigningIt has only further inspired my personal passion for STEM and I cannot wait to see what the future has in hold for them.

Teresa Luz Miller // @teresawithoutah

Being part of this community has been an incredible experience - this is a group of talented, brilliant, supportive women. Seeing all the different individuals in the Women Who Reign series and reading about their advice and accomplishments is truly empowering. ReigningIt inspires me to make a difference.

Malavika Vivek (@purpleivy8)

ReigningIt's Women Who Reign Series encourages, supports, and inspires women. This series allows amazing women to share their insights and experiences and celebrate them with each other.

Megan Nalani

ReigningIt identifies the hidden potential of women and gives them a platform to be a hero in someone's life. It brings out the fact that there are so many wonderful women and that we are not alone. We are rising and we will keep rising :)

Anubha Kushwaha(@AnubhaKushwaha1) Google-Intern

I love being a part of the Women Who Reign community! It's inspiring to read the stories of other women who have also taken an unconventional path to working in tech. Connecting with other women in tech on the Facebook group is also a valuable resource.

Alayna Truttmann

Through ReigningIt, I've connected with intelligent and empowered women who have inspired me to be fearless and challenge myself both academically and professionally.

Chengsu Chen

The Women Who Reign series is very uplifting and a great source of inspiration for women of all ages who want to become involved in STEM. It was an honor to be featured amongst so many fantastic role models.

When I was first contacted by ReigningIt, I was so surprised that someone wanted to hear my story as a young woman in technology. It really gave me confidence as a young programmer and granted me access to a whole community of students, each with their own beautiful story. It is so encouraging to know that we are working to appreciate and uplift one another as we tackle the field of technology!

Brittany Crow

I look forward to reading about the successful ladies featured on reigning it. I'm not only inspired by them, I can relate to them on so many levels.


ReigningIt is a great initiative, I have enjoyed being part of this community since the beginning.Every story generates a spark and leaves behind an impact. I was lucky to be reached out by Saqi and Angela, kudos to them for the excellent work they are doing.

Meha Kaushik

Saqi reached out to me for an interview for the ReigningIt blog. She was so kind and communicative. In addition, she also helped arrange a Google Hangout with female STEM students at my current university. ReigningIt is doing an incredible job spreading word about how great women engineers are and what we've accomplished.

Fiona Liang

I feel so blessed that I'm part of this community full of beautiful and spirited women. Every one of them inspires me with their unique stories, and I'm excited that I was given the chance to tell mine.

Justine Qiu (@jqiu08)

Women Who Reign is such an inspiring community of women in tech! I'm so grateful to be a part of it.

Diana Chow (@leileedi)

I love the idea of sharing inspirational stories of women to the whole world. The amazing stories published in the Women Who Reign Series are definitely worth reading.

Harshita Kasera @hkasera

ReigningIt is an awesome resources of inspiring stories of women in STEM. They truly provide a platform of encouragement and inspiration where one is truly needed.

Beckah @beckahsheeler

I really enjoy following ReigningIt's Women Who Reign series and learning from the amazing women in the industry. I believe this type of promotion and advocacy plays a fundamental role in closing the gender gap in STEM.

Kelsey Cooper

ReigningIt is a fantastic online community and resource for Women in STEM. It provides tools for women to expand academically and professionally and resources to support each other in endeavors and challenges.

Allie Lustig (@allie_lustig)

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